State of the Art

Wavelength Electronics represent State of the Art (SOTA) in the UK for their mission-critical resistors.

State of the Art manufacture high reliability thick and thin film resistive components for the surface mount and hybrid electronic industries. Recognised worldwide as the leading manufacturer of high-reliability resistors, quality, reliability, and innovative design have been the guiding principals for over a quarter of a century. As a result, they offer the industry's broadest range of high quality thin and thick film chip resistors, surface mount networks and custom circuits.

As a leading supplier to the aerospace, biomedical, defence and communications industries, all of their products are designed and manufactured with performance and reliability at the forefront.

Products include:

  • Thin film on silicon resistors for hybrid applications
  • High-frequency products, including attenuators, terminations, and chip resistors
  • Surface mount resistor networks and custom thick and thin film networks
  • High power resistors on beryllia or aluminium nitride
  • Special application resistors including high voltage, high value, power moisture, and current sensing

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