Wavelength Electronics represent Meteolabor in the UK for their reliable range of products that protect against lightning, HEMP, NEMP and other High Power Electromagnetic Effects.

Meteolabor established its Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) business unit forty years ago. Specialising in the field of overvoltage surge protection, especially Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) protection, Meteolabor has a worldwide reputation for reliable protection of electronic systems against:

  • Lightning surges
  • Nuclear Electro Magnetic Pulse (NEMP)
  • High altitude Electro Magnetic Pulse (HEMP)
  • High Power Electro Magnetics (HPEM)

Meteolabor's EMC product range includes:

  • USS-1 Series: HEMP / NEMP / Lightning protection of a single wire carrying signal or data
  • USS-2 Series: HEMP / NEMP / Lightning protection of an asymmetric dataline or a single wire
  • USP Series: HEMP / NEMP / Lightning protection of AC or DC power supplies, especially for mobile use
  • PLP Series: HEMP / NEMP / Lightning protection Type I+II+III of three-phase power supplies for fixed installations
  • CSP Series: EMP / Lightning protection of coaxial RF cables 
  • MAK Series: Modular HEMP / NEMP / Lightning protection, for vehicles, containers and transportable equipment
  • SPM Series: Lightning protection Type II+III for 19" installation or standalone to protect industrial electronics

When reliability in a harsh electromagnetic environment is crucial, Meteolabor is your reputable partner. Whether you need high-quality protection components, engineering or consulting services, or development of individually tailored HPEM protection products, Wavelength Electronics can support and advise on Meteolabors range of solutions.

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