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Wavelength Electronics represent Astrodyne TDI and their range of EMC products and power supply solutions for demanding applications worldwide.

Specialising in products for industrial, semiconductor manufacturing, medical apparatus, consumer appliances, military, aerospace and many varied markets, Astrodyne has more than 50 years of power supply and EMI filter design experience.

Needed in some of the most demanding situations, Astrodyne's power products can be found in:

  • Semiconductor equipment
  • Life-saving heart assist devices
  • Medical carts
  • Surgical tools
  • Ion and proton beam steering (magnet driving)
  • Oil and gas exploration equipment
  • In-flight aircraft entertainment systems
  • Missile and radar systems
  • Satellite communication systems
  • Electric vehicles
  • Irrigation systems
  • Test and measurement devices

With the leading power supply industry veterans, Astrodyne's design team utilises state-of-the-art technologies to provide unique solutions to difficult power conversion requirements. All units are approved and designed to meet or exceed Worldwide Safety and EMI specifications.

Astrodyne's manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified to ensure the highest quality and consistency.

Power Supplies

When equipment needs a reliable and rugged form of power to operate effectively, Astrodyne can provide AC and DC power solutions to meet the demand. Ranging from 1kW to over 500kW, there is a wide selection of off-the-shelf products as well as fully customised solutions to meet all of your power supply requirements. From enclosed power supplies that provide some of the most flexible OEM power solutions in the 15W to 1,500W range to outdoor sealed power supplies that are ideal for use in harsh locations, Astrodyne offers one of the most comprehensive product range in the industry.

  • Open frame power supplies with exposed components for superior cooling
  • Enclosed power supplies with components protected from the elements
  • Encapsulated power supplies with exceptional dust, moisture and
    vibration protection
  • External power supplies ideal for any application requiring an externally-located source of power
  • Linear power supplies suitable for low power applications
  • Liquid-cooled power supplies able to deliver immense power capabilities
    with little noise
  • Air-cooled power supplies offering high power capabilities and flexible input voltage ranges
  • Outdoor sealed power supplies (ESPMs) offering watertight and corrosion-resistant solutions

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EMI filters

Wherever unwanted electromagnetic interference (EMI) exists, sensitive electronic equipment is susceptible to damage. EMI results in a loss of performance with almost any electronic equipment. Astrodyne's selection of EMI filters can meet the EMI/EMC/RFI filter requirements of all your electronic products. With extensive experience, their engineers are knowledgeable and capable of designing and manufacturing EMI filters ranging from single-phase components to 2,500A/690V industrial three-phase filters.

  • Single phase EMI filters for switching power supplies, motor controllers, PWM circuits etc...
  • Three phase EMI filters rated up to 480VAC, 520VAC and 600VAC for both delta and WYE configurations
  • IEC inlet filters ideal for industrial and commercial electronics
  • DC EMI filters for all applications including solar, telecom and DC de-coupling
  • Inverter EMI filters used for applications that have frequency inverts or inverter-based control systems
  • Commercial MRI room shielded enclosure filters to help isolate inside/clean environments
  • Feed through filters (providing high insertion loss from KHz to GHz frequencies
  • Suppression components including capacitors, coils and high-frequency chokes

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For further technical assistance in the UK, product information or access to datasheets, start a discussion with a member of the Wavelength Team on 0330 313 3300.