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Astrodyne TDI offers customers a choice of different testing capabilities: pre-compliance testing and UL/IEC certification services. Astrodyne has their own testing labs at its manufacturing plants - saving both time and expenses for customers. Avoid failing EMC tests and negatively impacting project deadlines and budgets.

Pre-compliance testing

Pre-compliance testing dramatically improves a device’s chance of passing EMC testing whilst also significantly lowering the risk of failure during the certification process.  Astrodyne offers comprehensive testing and analysis – including three fully-equipped EMC test chambers.  This enables them to quickly and cost-effectively bring products into compliance.

UL, CSA and IEC certification

In addition to its pre-compliance testing, Astrodyne's Yorba Linda facility also features a UL and SEMKO certified lab. Their Client Test Data Program (CTDP) offers UL and CSA certification while the ENEC MTL (Manufacturer’s Test Laboratory) offers SEMKO certification, allowing for certification to domestic and international standards. With these labs readily on-site, Astrodyne is able to certify filters to various safety standards including:

  • UL 1283
  • CSA C22.2 No. 8
  • IEC/EN 60939-1/2

The CTDP program has also been extended to include power supply test and certification capabilities. Power supplies are harmonised to global standards including:

  • IEC/EN 60950 (ITE standard)
  • IEC/EN 60601 (medical standard)
  • IECEE SMT (CB Scheme)

Accuracy, lower-cost and quick time to market

All of Astrodyne's labs offer the same extremely high level of accuracy by using calibrated test equipment found in a typical final testing facility. They also enable Astrodyne to demonstrate EMI and safety performance of filter and power supply products separately or together, in a quick and accurate manner. By offering pre-compliance testing and UL, CSA and SEMKO certification testing, Astrodyne offers:

  • Shorter lead times for safety approvals
  • Reduced risk of failing safety or EMI tests
  • Avoidance of potentially costly retesting/recertification fees
  • Quicker time to market with a fully certified product

Astrodyne's experienced EMI/RFI filter design engineers and EMC testing personnel design products to provide high-reliability performance for both COTS and custom solutions. Design engineers can feel confident that when they send their devices for testing that they are assured to pass.

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