Q-Tech launches new space-qualified multi-output CMOS hybrid oscillators

Up to 4 CMOS outputs in a single package save valuable space and cost; hermetically-sealed, 100k kRad(Si)-tolerant oscillators meet MIL-PRF-38534 Class K requirements.

Q-Tech, the world’s leading supplier of crystal oscillators for space, military, avionics and high-temperature applications have released new space level oscillators. The QT625xL and QT625xN Multiple Output CMOS Series of space-qualified crystal oscillators have been designed to MIL-PRF-55310. The oscillators are Type 1 Class 2 hybrids, delivering exceptional frequency and temperature stability for space satellite and other high-performance aerospace applications. Units in the series are available with 1 to 4 CMOS outputs at selected frequencies between 20 MHz to 200 MHz.

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The latest series to join Q-Tech's space-qualified oscillator range is offered in the .625″ x .625″ flat package that is standard to many existing space products. The QT625xL and QT625xN oscillators operate from a 3.3 Vdc or 2.5 Vdc supply voltage. They are rated for operation over a full military -55C to 125C temperature range. All are quality conformance screened to MIL-PRF-38534, Class K modified standards. The range offers exceptional reliability – an essential requirement for devices in this class – is supported by a combination of industry-leading performance specifications and 100kRad (Si) TID radiation tolerance.

The new oscillators are available immediately. Customers in the UK who require more information about the QT625xL and QT625xN, or for any of Q-Tech's oscillators, can contact the Wavelength team for technical advice and application support.

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