Providing life-sustaining medical power supplies in times of crisis

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As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread across the globe, Astrodyne TDI recognises the urgency behind the increased demand for lifesaving medical devices.

Astrodyne TDI’s engineering expertise in developing state of the art medical grade power supplies can be found in ventilators, LVAD’s and other circulatory devices, surgical suites and oxygen concentrators.

Pulmonary management devices are critical for patients with severe COVID-19, to assist or replace breathing function. Astrodyne TDI has unique expertise in the development and manufacture of power supplies used in critical medical certified devices and their demanding medical environments.

In addition to supporting the increased demand and mitigating key shortages, Astrodyne TDI remains open through this crisis. The Wavelength team continue to work with UK medical industry engineers to provide technical support on Astrodyne's medical product lines. Astrodyne TDI specializes in BF and CF rated power supplies along with certifications in IEC60601-1, required to ensure patient protection.

The outbreak of the novel Coronavirus and associated severe acute respiratory syndrome is changing the way we are working and living day to day. This is clearly an unprecedented and dynamic situation.  ATDI has taken multiple precautions to protect our employees and continue the production of our life-saving medical products along with our other supported markets

Chris Viola CEO Astrodyne TDI

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