Q-Tech B+ space qualified crystal oscillators

Q-Tech’s B+ crystal oscillators - space-qualified, affordable, high-performance hybrid oscillators in a small form factor.

Wavelength Electronics is the first port of call for UK engineers seeking Q-Tech's impressive B+ high-reliability hybrid crystal clock oscillator range. Renowned for their high performance, the B+ series has been used in a wide range of successful space projects, including the Mars Rover and the International Space Station.

Conforming to ultra-high reliability standards such as Aerospace Corporation TOR (GPS III) and NASA GSFC specifications, Q-Tech's oscillators are used across a variety of package configurations ranging from flat-pack and DIP to miniature SMD. The B+ range includes a ruggedised crystal mount in a miniature package capable of handling tough shock and vibration conditions and 5x7mm SMD oscillators with 4-point mount crystal designs.

B+ crystal oscillator range features

  • 1.8 to 5.0Vdc
  • Broad frequency range from 15kHz to 250MHz
  • Rugged 4-point mount (SMD ceramic) or 3-point mount shock resistant
  • 100kRad (Si) tolerant
  • Hermetically sealed package
  • Swept or cultured quartz crystal
  • Low phase noise and jitter

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Offering a wide range of frequencies

The B+ range offers a wide spectrum of frequencies from 450kHz to 250MHz, of supply voltages and logics from 1.8Vdc to 5.0Vdc HCMOS, 5.0Vdc TTL, 2.5Vdc and 3.3Vdc LVDS and LVPECL. In addition, Q-Tech employs an active die such as FACT 54ACT3301NSC and a proprietary 0.8µm BiCMOS technology die for LVCMOS and LVDS logics. 

Meet specific project requirements with customised parts

With Q-Tech’s standard parts offering a varied choice of optimisable configurations, we can support customers to request customised products to meet specific project needs and requirements. Q-Tech’s custom MCM part numbers give engineers the freedom to work with Q-Tech’s specialist design and manufacture team. Equally, Q-Tech fully supports legacy programs, with none of their oscillators ever being made obsolete. Drop-in replacement products, suitable substitutes or the ability to recreate the product you need ensures your space project has longevity throughout its lifecycle.

Does your project require a shorter lead time?

The B+ series offers project engineers many choices and options for space-qualified parts. Alternatively, for projects requiring shorter lead times or more competitively priced parts, customers can order class B versions, confident that a path to full space-qualified parts exists as a project develops.

For more information about Q-Tech's range of crystal oscillators in the UK, contact the team at Wavelength Electronics Ltd using the details below.

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