Wavelength Electronics represent MegaPhase in the UK. MegaPhase design and manufacture high-performance radio frequency coaxial cables and connectors for OEMs specialising in advanced microwave and optical-electronic systems.

Supporting such applications as test instrumentation, defence electronics, satellites, broadband data and communications systems, MegaPhase's core product is its industry-leading GrooveTube technology, a unique cable design used in high-reliability applications by some of the biggest names in electronic technology. Representing one of the biggest breakthroughs in cable technology in over 20 years, this flexible, high-performance outer conductor is manufactured using custom-designed machines which form the highest-quality, pure oxygen-free copper tape into flexible copper tubing.

Using GrooveTube technology, MegaPhase manufactures high-performance coaxial cables for high-power and phase-defined systems, including

  • Electronic warfare
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • RF platforms on the ground, sea, air and space

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